TSW at the Master in Business & Management of the University of Padua

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We participate in the Master in Business and Management of the University of Padua with a lesson on scientific methodology applied to the cosmetics sector, to test creams and personal care products


Also this year we continue our collaboration with an authoritative institution such as that of the University of Padua where we are invited to give a lecture that presents a fundamental approach and methodology for TSW, through a case study in the cosmetic sector:

“Neuroscience: scientific protocols to measure consumer perceptions of cosmetics.”

A lesson that tells a lot about us, who were born from SEO, but who have expanded step by step to the whole world of experience, both physical and digital, with a methodological approach of mixed methods with a focus on research and analysis of any kind of lived.

Scientific research to improve business

This lesson focuses primarily on this: the qualitative and quantitative approach necessary to carry out research, and its application in the cosmetic field.

The message we want to convey is that in order to really listen to people we have to identify a research question, our “theory”, but to do so we cannot rely on sensations, preconceptions and random ideas collected without a method. We need to observe and extrapolate a generalization that leads to theory, following methodologies either qualitative, or quantitative, or both.

Once the question has been identified, it must be verified through falsification, that is the process that goes in search of a case or example that denies our thesis, which will be true until proven otherwise. And here we begin to test with quantitative methodologies.

Research framework

This research framework is valid for supporting various marketing objectives, such as acquisition and retention. But nowadays we need to consider reality: the market, practically any market, now appears saturated, and for this reason it is becoming increasingly important to optimize resources and efforts towards achievable objectives: that is, to maintain existing customers.

The story of a case study in the cosmetics sector

And here we come to our experience in the cosmetics sector, which is the focus of the Master’s program in Business and Management, which spans various fields, from finance and strategy to marketing and CSR. Its didactic mix, based on lectures, case study discussions, interviews, reports, seminars, business games, allows us to be present with our lesson and our case study which tells about a project recently carried out with a cosmetic brand.

During the lesson we talk about methodologies that investigate objective parameters such as attraction and memorization, as well as the investigation of behaviors. For example, the BARTT applied to the vision of three commercials in the sector, to investigate the attractiveness, in combination with eye-tracking to understand where the attention is concentrated during the viewing. Or again, the analysis of the shelf experience with eye tracking and questionnaires to evaluate the labels of two creams in comparison.

Research - BARTT cosmetic creams

To find out the key messages that students and companies should take home from this lecture, register for the next edition of the Master in Business and Management, or we’ll wait for you at our office, for an open place.

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20 February 2023 Christian Caldato

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