TSW and Quintegia: a partnership to trace the emotions of the Customer Journey at the Automotive Marketing Forum 2016

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Can we understand and analyze the different phases of the Customer Journey? Is it possible to measure the influence of the emotional component through all the touchpoints that make up the purchase, research or evaluation path?

The TSW research partnership with Automotive Marketing Forum 2016 arises from the desire to respond to these questions and further expand the knowledge of that fundamental field of inquiry which is the Human Experience.

The 18 October we will therefore be protagonists at the Automotive Marketing Forum 2016, one of the most prestigious sector events in the business sector, with a speech that will present the results of a customerjourney research in the automotive sector developed in recent months by our Neuromarketing team. At the spaces of East End Studios in Milan, TSW will also be present with his Experience Box, a real extension of XP Lab of Treviso and meeting place with sector experts, interlocutors of the corporate world, digital stakeholders and journalists. Among the guests of the event also the Vice President Global Marketing of Diesel Group Nicola Giorgi, Marc Sondermann (CEO of FASHION Magazine) and the Co-founder & CEO of Arduino Massimo Banzi.

Becoming a research partner of Automotive Marketing Forum 2016 therefore means being projected within the ecosystem of automotive communication and the most advanced marketing strategies that combine creativity, measurement and method. A 360° approach also represented by the breadth of research conducted by our experts. Although cutting-edge, the state of the art related to the analysis of the different phases that determine the customer journey now lacks a complete view of the emotional component, an extremely crucial element in the purchasing process. The TSW UX team has developed a method to bridge this gap.

A method that investigates the main components related to emotions (physiological, cognitive, behavioral), fundamental to cover the entire spectrum of customer journey investigation, both digitally and in the physical world. An example of easy reading? At the sight of a sports car a series of reactions are produced that are cognitive (I am interested because I know that the car has high-end features), physiological (increase my heart rate for enthusiasm) and behavior (when for example I approach to see the details of the vehicle).

The study we will present at the Automotive Marketing Forum will explore three particularly emotional touchpoints: a Mercedes TV commercial, the car configurator of the Audi website and direct experience with a Jaguar-Land Rover dealer. The objective that drives TSW’s research is to raise awareness among car manufacturers and the entire automotive sector in the construction of a coherent and integrated journey in all its points of contact with the target of interest.

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TSW è Research Partner dell'Automotive Marketing Forum

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Download the complete document with the results of the research of TSW and Quintegia on the Customer Experience of car houses.


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26 September 2016 Christian Carniato

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