impREsa immobiliare with TSW: redesigning the online experience through listening

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We carried out, together with impREsa immobiliare, a listening activity to redesign and improve people’s online experience on the website of the real estate agency network


Viewing the impREsa immobiliare website

Together with imREsa immobiliare we have undertaken an ambitious project: laying the foundations for redesigning and improving the customer experience while browsing the website. To achieve this objective, impREsa relied on us both by virtue of a collaborative relationship that has now been solid and long-lasting over the years, based on trust, and thanks to what TSW could have made available, therefore the analysis, the measurement and research on the quality of experience by putting people at the center and listening to them.

A bond born from a shared vision: listening to people

impREsa immobiliare is a real estate company founded in 2012. It has always been a company that has the satisfaction and happiness of its customers at heart. This is due both to the very nature of the business, which aims to support people in finding and purchasing their ideal home, and to the human values that distinguish the network.

Thanks to continuous training opportunities for its real estate agents, important goals and numerous team building days, impREsa immobiliare can now count on a large and close-knit team, 70 professionals and 18 offices distributed between Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia: a company which invests in people and takes care of its customers, listening to them.

The objective of the project and the experience test

The main purpose of this project was to obtain valuable information from people regarding various aspects of the impREsa immobiliare website, its functionality and usability. This is in order to make the online experience as authentic as possible.

We then led the project by conducting a user experience test. This type of activity involves guiding participants in the exploration of a digital product, in this case the impREsa immobiliare website, in order to collect observations and evaluations that can identify possible barriers or elements of improvement in the visit and use experience.

A total of 10 participants were involved in the test: 5 real estate agents and 5 people who have recently sold or purchased a property. Upon their arrival at our TSW offices, the participants were welcomed by a researcher and invited to browse the impREsa immobiliare website, expressing their perceptions and impressions on its functioning aloud (think-aloud). The test was also recorded via audio-video, with prior consent, and data relating to the participants’ eye movements were collected via the eye-tracker bar (TOBII Pro Nano).

The results of the listening activity and the next steps

The main objective we worked on with impREsa was to understand whether their site offered easy and satisfying navigation for visitors. Furthermore, it was essential to identify, together with non-professional participants, and with real estate agents, possible evolutionary scenarios, cross-referencing the company’s communication objectives with people’s expectations.

Listening to people and the ease of navigating the website were the pillars of this experience. Although positive results emerged overall, some areas of improvement were identified to further optimize the navigation and specific services offered by impREsa immobiliare.

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5 March 2024 Martina Maci

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