How to create an effective landing page? 10 rules for design
Creating an effective landing page: 10 rules to maximize conversions. Effective ads thanks to cta, content consistency and mobile-friendly design.
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The importance of listening on social media
Social Listening: active listening to the public and data analysis to optimize marketing strategies on social networks and reach business opportunities.
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Social media and brand reputation: how they impact the digital experience
Overseeing social channels with the right content makes the difference in terms of brand image in the minds of consumers, and in creating valuable experiences.
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The role of ChatGPT in designing valuable experiences
What is the role of ChatGPT for designing valuable experiences in future digital communication?
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Dialogue and simplicity: Ulss 2 and information in the days of Covid-19
TSW collaborates with Ulss 2 Marca trevigiana in realizing contents about health information for the company Facebook page.
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Year 2019, Chapter II: The meeting
Second chapter of the trilogy starring Professor John Smith, of the Psychology of Cognitive Processes faculty at Boston University. The arrival in Milan with Fred Livingstone, and the meeting with Ludovico Macchi.
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Year 2019, Chapter I: The journey
Each of us today is connected daily in various stories in episodes, in life, and on the screen, from which a fusion between being a virtual protagonist and being a real protagonist, in a perceptive amalgam that we set at will, giving dynamism to the line of demarcation beyond which one comes into play.
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Customer experience in the retail sector: the TSW analysis of Autogrill
Autogrill is the leading company in the travel catering services industry. Historically committed to enhancing its offer, it has recently worked in collaboration with the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo to develop the Bistrot concept.
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The Nudge in the Decision Making process
How to encourage the choices of consumers, and more generally of people? Nudging and gentle push can help us. Anteprima in modalità mobileAnteprima in modalità desktop
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