Rapid prototyping: a tool to engage people
Rapid prototyping: an innovative approach to create working prototypes and involve people in the design process.
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The #IliadRevolution with the Kahneman lenses
What is there behind Iliad success? What kind of maketing and communication strategy did Iliad use to come closer to potential customers?
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Candy and TSW: revolutionising the cooking experience with Watch&Touch
Candy tested with TSW and our Experience Lab the Watch&Touch oven prior to its launch on the market.
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Eye Tracking: information has value when viewed
With eye tracking, people's gaze can be monitored to improve the user experience on websites, in retail and in many other contexts.
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Face Reading: understanding emotions to satisfy their customers
From the facial expressions Ekman and Friesen have outlined the basic emotions, and by reading them with Face Reading it is possible to have marketing ideas.
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Neuromarketing and consumer behavior: what TSW XP Lab does
What people say, what people do, what people say to do is totally different. The answers by neuromarketing, to understand their behavior.
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Analysis of user behavior: eye tracking glasses and shopping experience
Thanks to Pro Glasses 2 we are able to measure user behaviour in different contexts of information and services fruition.
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