Digital ADV and automation: Meta’s Advantage+ Shopping campaign
Google and Meta have created new technological solutions to automatically optimize campaigns based on the people who see and interact with them.
2' reading time
UniCredit: the best online adv campaign designed with customers and their experiences.
For TSW's approach, good design means involving customers and their experiences. This research was applied to UniCredit’s online adv.
1' reading time
Google Ads Performance Max: maximize ad campaigns by listening to people with machine learning
Google Performance Max is a tool that aims to speak to the right people for the message you want to communicate with ad campaigns.
3' reading time
Proximity Marketing: why it is so important for Digital Marketing
The fifth P, Proximity, of Proximity Marketing, now an essential tool for Digital Marketing and Shopping Experience.
4' reading time
KPIs: everything you need to know about performance indicators
The KPIs, their meaning, and their use in the company, and in the Marketing disciplines. Why they are so important, how to choose them.
5' reading time
TSW at SMXL 2020 in Milan: the Discovery Campaigns
TSW, in the person of Jessica Marcon, attended at SMXL 2020 in Milan, with a speech on the Google Ads Discovery Campaigns.
3' reading time
Dynamic product ads for prospecting: how to show the right product to the right person
What are Dynamic product ads for prospecting and what are the differences with the classic Static Prospecting and Dynamic Remarketing campaigns.
3' reading time
A brief guide to Google Dynamic Search Ads
Google's Dynamic Search Ads campaigns, a paid boost to organic positioning: what they are, why they are used, and how they work.
2' reading time
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