The importance of content analysis and the tools you should use
What kind of insights can content analysis provide, and what are the most valid tools for valuable content marketing.
2' reading time
An effective Content Strategy starts from the knowledge of company values and objectives
Content strategy is the way in which a company communicates with its audience by responding to specific corporate business objectives.
6' reading time
Positioning and Creativity on Facebook Ads: things to know
What are the best placements, and what is the right creative on Facebook Ads, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger? Let's find out.
3' reading time
Brand Identity Design according to TSW: an approach based on listening, Co-Design and archetypes
Correct Brand Identity Design, a complex discipline. What it is, how it is built, and the importance of Co-Design as a new approach.
4' reading time
SEO Copywriting: what is it
How to place your content on search engines? Here is a little guide to SEO Copywriting and SEO-driven writing techniques.
4' reading time
Branded Content and Branded Entertainment: the case of Digital Visual Novels created with Despar
Branded Content and Branded Entertainment for the storytelling of Despar, through the Digital Visual Novels on Instagram.
5' reading time
Digital Copywriting: the meaning, the importance of words in a world that speaks in images
Words, with their meaning, influence everything. A right choice of words creates a specific sensation and perception.
5' reading time
Dialogue and simplicity: Ulss 2 and information in the days of Covid-19
TSW collaborates with Ulss 2 Marca trevigiana in realizing contents about health information for the company Facebook page.
4' reading time
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