Neuroergonomics and Human Experience: University of Granada and University of Leeds launch new international academic collaborations with TSW

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International academic collaborations have always been one of the main objectives of TSW. Collaborating means confronting, growing, learning and above all – united by the same goal – working to achieve the best possible result together. It is therefore a source of pride for us to be able to announce the birth of a dual partnership with two international university research groups: The Neuroergonomics and Operator Performance Laboratory of the Mind, Brain, and Behavior Research Center of the University of Granada (Spain) and the School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering of the University of Leeds (Great Britain).

With the Spanish team we will face an applied research path around the themes of neuro-ergonomics and the human experience. The Leeds team, however, will work on the validation and evaluation of wearable devices is from a purely engineering point of view (accuracy) of the Experience. We will keep you updated on the developments of these important collaborations.

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26 May 2017 Simone Benedetto

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