How sport will change after Coronavirus: redesigning the fan experience, from eSports to D2C services
eSports, D2C services, new ways to interact and to involve fans: how Coronavirus is changing sport marketing.
4' reading time
Voice Tweets: Twitter seeks revival with its new voice messages
The voice messages sector is booming. Twitter wants to ride the wave as a pioneer with its Voice Tweets. Will this revampTwitter?
3' reading time
Online advertising at the time of Coronavirus in Italy
How did companies investing in online advertising move during the Coronavirus period? Here there are some statistical data.
1' reading time
TSW, the Cookie Policy and the “online” Web Marketing Festival 2020
TSW, speaker at the Web Marketing Festival since 2016, was also present in 2020 in the exclusively online version of the festival.
2' reading time
Year 2019, Chapter II: The meeting
Second chapter of the trilogy starring Professor John Smith, of the Psychology of Cognitive Processes faculty at Boston University. The arrival in Milan with Fred Livingstone, and the meeting with Ludovico Macchi.
43' reading time
Brain and mind. What neuroscience reveals to us when used in a communication strategy
We are so overexposed to media content that we are almost immune to it. A good communication strategy passes through neuroscience.
3' reading time
How the visual perception of a TV spot varies according to what precedes it
The previous experiences, the context, are elements that can somehow condition the visual perception of a TV spot.
3' reading time
The importance of visual communication in giving coherence to the message
Visual communication obvious to the gap between what brands say they are, what they really are, and what people pick up on.
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