#The Sixth W approach

WITH: a new concept of relationship with people, a model of care for their expectations and needs, an iterative, qualitative and quantitative listening protocol.

2018 tips: what it means to start from the experience of people
Starting from people means above all to follow their path of fruition in the touchpoints they have with the brands, amplifying their experience and stimulating, with the contents, emotional reactions.
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One goal: to involve people
A 2017 between digital investment opportunities, fragmented attention and overlapping of screens. A communication campaign today is a set of rational and at the same time involving combinations between means and messages.
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Programmatic & Marketing Automation, for a more human Adv
We were at the seminar on Programmatic & Marketing Automation organized by IAB Italia. Here's what we learned, between the importance of data and creativity.
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Artwork: also in Anthropological Marketing two-way convergent creation, sometimes not coaxial with respect to the target
Anthropological marketing help us understanding that human aspect that goes beyond the one related to the role of customer, focusing on human culture, between psychology and philosophy.
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Anthropological Marketing: a research on the Human – Customer Experience
Anthropological Marketing is an interdisciplinary approach that uses strategies and techniques that combine qualitative research aimed at studying the cultural values of the target in relation to market needs.
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Anthropological Marketing: the people at the center to enhance the Human-Customer Experience
From the union of Marketing and Anthropology, a new approach is born that puts people at the center and allows us to analyze their needs and desires.
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Brand Perception study in the Automotive: Audi VS Mercedes
Through an Implicit Association Test we analyzed the brand identities of two important automotive brand, in order to understand how people perceive them.
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A (healthy) reflection on neuromarketing
A reflection on neuromarketing in relation to traditional market research and the criticisms that are made against it.
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