Year 2019, Chapter II: The meeting
Second chapter of the trilogy starring Professor John Smith, of the Psychology of Cognitive Processes faculty at Boston University. The arrival in Milan with Fred Livingstone, and the meeting with Ludovico Macchi.
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Webinars and workshops, reconnection tools at the time of social distancing
Social distancing, smart working; have led to the widespread use of communication and aesthetic tools such as webinars, and workshops.
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Homo Libertus
The way to regain decision-making freedom, free will, in living one's life, passes through an awareness of a problem, called deprivation of the cultural ego and subjection to three social states that place themselves above the lower layer, the masses.
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What is the ‘framing effect’ and how it affects people’s behavior
Integrating psychology and user experience is the basis of our mixed methods approach that integrates experiential tests with quantitative analysis models, in order to obtain a complete and objective view of people's experience.
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What, how and why: GlobalWebIndex and the behavior of people online
In addition to understanding what people are looking for, how and how they behave online, we can identify and provide companies with the reason for certain behaviors and choices.
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What is user experience?
User experience and consumer experience are expressions which we frequently encounter, but what is the experience of which we speak and when we say that we take care of it to improve its quality? What aspects do we register or take into consideration?
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Year 2019, Chapter I: The journey
Each of us today is connected daily in various stories in episodes, in life, and on the screen, from which a fusion between being a virtual protagonist and being a real protagonist, in a perceptive amalgam that we set at will, giving dynamism to the line of demarcation beyond which one comes into play.
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Good, clean and fair: it’s not just about food. A new perspective towards the understanding of and with people.
With the Sixth W approach, TSW creates simple, natural, rewarding, and therefore, as the Slow Food founder Carlo Petrini says, more good, clean and fai experiences.
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